Camp Joining Information

Welcome to the StAMP Brass Camp!

We have over 200 people from around the world joining us for the camp and we are really looking forward to meeting you and making music together. This page contains everything you need to know about the camp before you come. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

The purpose of the camp is to bring participants of all ages and abilities from around the world together to play with The Wallace Collection and Solstice Brass, and learn from a range of acclaimed brass soloists and experts. The camp will include plenty of playing, and short presentations and discussions about many aspects of the history and science of brass instruments. The final virtual concert for the camp will be broadcast on YouTube and Social Media on Wednesday 29 July at 1pm: the camp will help you prepare to take part!

We will also be sharing camp information on Facebook, so please make sure you like our page: @StAMPMusicEducation

Download your music!

The repertoire you play will be determined by your instrument playing range (as indicated in your registration form) and the camp ‘tent’ you are placed in. All music is available to download, just tap or click the links below for the music: we ask that you choose the part that you feel most comfortable playing and would enjoy playing the most! 

All those learning the natural trumpet will be in the Discovering Brass tent

Band Camp Blues – Tony George and John Miller

Discovering Brass Guide Book – John Miller

Note range 1 will be in the Gabrieli  tent

Band Camp Blues – Tony George and John Miller

Make a Big Noise and Make a Beautiful Sound – John Wallace

Note ranges 2 & 3 will be in the Bruckner tent

Band Camp Blues – Tony George and John Miller

The Lost Chord – Arthur Sullivan arr. Tony George | Practice with the conducting track here.

Locus Iste – Anton Bruckner arr. John Miller | Practice with the conducting track here.

Note range 4 will be in the Sainton-Dolby tent

Band Camp Blues – Tony George and John Miller

Triumphal March – Charlotte Sainton-Dolby arr. Tony George | Practice with the conducting track here.

Triumphant March from Aida – Giuseppe Verdi arr. John Miller| Practice with the conducting track here.

Camp preparation

  1. Online delivery

We will be using the Zoom platform to deliver the Camp.

Please read this guide to help you setup your Zoom application for the camp.

Zoom codes for all StAMP sessions will be sent via email one week before the event. Please note that, for security reasons, this information will not be shared on our website or on our Facebook page.

  1. Safeguarding

We need all participants, and parents or guardians of participants, to read our Digital Safeguarding Guidelines. You must adhere to these guidelines at all times.  Warnings will be sent if guidelines are not being followed, and you might be removed from the camp.

  1. Musical preparation

If you’ve not been playing your instrument during lockdown, we recommend that you do some practice before the camp. You can practice any music you have at home, or familiarise yourself with the camp repertoire which is all available to download above.

  1. Preparing your campfire

We recommend you use an appropriate living space in your home to participate in the camp. You will need a certain amount of space to move during the sessions, be prepared for some physical warm-ups! We suggest that you wear loose, comfortable clothing that allows for movement and relaxed breathing.

You will also need a chair (like a dining chair), a music stand or something to put your music on, water bottle, pencil and your music. Please download and print out your music as soon as you are allocated your part(s). You can also read music on a tablet (like an iPad) if you wish.

If you have any problems printing out music at home please contact us: as soon as possible.

Camp Timetable

Please note the timetable is subject to change.

You can download StAMP Brass Camp Programme here as a PDF


All sessions will be recorded for safeguarding and administrative purposes.

If you did not consent to be recorded, or used in any public sharing of the camp, please look out for an additional email being sent to you about this. We will absolutely not include you in any sharing of our work.

Performance classes

We were completely over-subscribed for places in the performance class. Only those who ticked YES in the registration form who are advanced players (note range 4) are being invited to participate. An additional email will be sent out to invited participants in due course, but please note that these will take place on Thursday 16 July and Thursday 23 July at 1400BST. If you are unable to participate at the time offered to you please email us: and we will remove you from the list.


We will do a quick evaluation at the end of week one, just to check that you’ve been able to engage in the session, and a more thorough evaluation at the end of the camp. We hope that you support us by giving your feedback at both of these times.

Recording yourself for the Finale Concert

To participate in the finale concert, we need you to submit recordings of you playing your part in the music you’ve worked on during the camp.

To make a recording, you will need to play your part in time with the backing track or video of John Wallace conducting you. Make sure you use headphones to listen to the backing or watch the video. You may need someone to help you do this, or you may need two devices (one to listen to the backing track and one to do the recording). If you make mistakes – don’t worry – we want the performances to sound live! We will soon update you with information about where to submit your recording: all recordings need to be submitted by July 27 July at 1200BST. Files can be in any standard format, and preferably in landscape rather than portrait.

StAMP Brass Camp Fringe events

We’ve got some bonus StAMP Brass Camp events for you to enjoy during the three weeks of the camp. Check them out here! 

Camp Support

If you need any support before, or during, the camp we are here to help. Please contact Ellen Thomson by emailing