Fringe of Gold 2020

We are thrilled and delighted to announce that the guest artists for the 2020 festival are Markus Stockhausen (trumpet) and Maximiliano Martin (clarinet).

7 November, 2020, 1130: online (Facebook and YouTube)

Under Stars and Satellites

The Wallace Collection

Royal Scottish National Orchestra Brass Quintet

Markus Stockhausen – trumpet

Join us for a programme of astronomy inspired music that connects Galileo’s telescopes to Giovanni Gabrieli, Mimart’s Septets to 19th century Scottish astronomer Williamina Fleming, and the  the extraterrestrial music of both Karlheinz and Markus Stockhausen to two new pieces devised by the 2020 StAMP Discovering Brass Cohort.  The 2020 StAMP Discovering Brass cohort started learning online in July and have made astronomy inspired pieces written in collaboration with astronomer Anne-Marie Weijmans, artist Tim Fitzpatrick, and composer Andrew Hill. Completing the programme is Eddie McGuire’s brass quintet in which each player takes on a characteristic of the constellation Auriga.

8 November, 2020, 1400-1600BST: online

StAMP Virtual Conservatoire Launch


All brass players of any age and nationality are welcome to join us for a special seminars, discussions and practical classes to launch the StAMP Virtual Conservatoire. Tutors include The Wallace Collection, Sandy McGrattan, Trevor Herbert, Richard Michael, Stephanie Dyer and Sheona White. See this separate page for more details.

9 November, 2020, 1300: online (Facebook and YouTube)

Clarinet Masterclass with Maximiliano Martin

Follow us on Facebook Live and YouTube Premiere for a pre-recorded masterclass with Maximiliano Martin, principal clarinet with the Scottish Chamber Orchestra.

10 November, 2020, 1300: online (Facebook and YouTube)

Oceans from the point of view of our coast

The sounds of the sea has provided inspiration for some of the most influential music throughout history. Sounds from the smallest creatures to some of the largest that have ever lived, sounds from turbulent storms to the serene calm, oceans inspire and awe with a wonder that reminds us that we live on a blue planet. But what of tomorrow? Have we unwittingly disregarded the health of the world’s oceans and sent them into a path of collapse?  Follow us on Facebook Live and YouTube Premiere for a presentation of a special project between clarinettist Alex South, composer Oliver Searle, environmental geographer Tim Stojanovic and geoscientist Richard Bates as they explore the state, sounds and future of Blue Planet from the view point of our coast.

11 November, 2020, 1300: online (Facebook and YouTube)

Maximiliano Martin (clarinet) and Scott Mitchell (piano) 

The final event of Fringe of Gold for 2020 sees Maximiliano Martin (principal clarinet, Scottish Chamber Orchestra) and duo partner Scott Mitchell perform together from the McPherson Recital Room.