StAMP Brass Camp Fringe

Don’t miss the following online events, which will be shown during the weeks between the main camp days:

Tuesday 14 July, 1400BST

Ian Bousfield: Cavatine by Saint-Saëns

Facebook Premiere @StAMPMusicEducation

Ian Bousfield, former Principal Trombone of the Vienna Philharmonic and London Symphony Orchestras, offers a guided practice session on the Cavatine by Camille Saint-Saëns. Ian will discuss how this piece would have originally sounded by comparing a pair of Parisian instruments, both dating from 1880: a valve trombone, and a slide trombone. Click the link below to hear Ian’s recording of the Cavatine:

Wednesday 15 July, 1400BST

Screening of The Celebrated Cyfarthfa Band 

Facebook Premiere @StAMPMusicEducation

The BBC/OpenLearn documentary The Celebrated Cyfarthfa Band was part of a 1980s research project led by Trevor Herbert, one of our camp experts. In the middle of the nineteenth century, Merthyr Tydfil was the world’s greatest supplier of iron and the largest town in Wales. It was dominated by Cyfarthfa Castle, the ostentatious home of the greatest of the iron barons, Robert Thompson Crawshay. In the mid-nineteenth century, Crawshay established a brass band that was to become one of the greatest musical ensembles of the Victorian period.

The documentary includes commentary by John Wallace who was directly involved in a recreation of the band for the research project. It also features Tony George, member of The Wallace Collection and StAMP Brass Camp tutor.

Tuesday 21 July, 1400BST

Presentation from Arnold Myers: How Brass Works

Facebook Premiere @StAMPMusicEducation

Don’t miss this fascinating presentation and discussion led by Arnold Myers on how brass instruments work. Arnold knows this subject like no other, having worked with Trevor Herbert and John Wallace on the recently published Cambridge Encyclopedia of Brass Instruments.

Wednesday 22 July, 1400BST

Screening of We Choose To Go To The Moon

Facebook Premiere @StAMPMusicEducation

Beginning life as a temporary art intervention in the desert of southern New Mexico, “We choose to go to the Moon” takes its cue from the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 12 Moon landings in 1969. Prior to the launch in November 1969, the Apollo 12 crew were sent on a training mission to a large crater in the New Mexico desert known as Kilbourne Hole. Exactly 50 years later Kilbourne Hall would provide the location of the art intervention. From the documentary film footage of the public art event, artists Tim Fitzpatrick and Jeff Erwin began to envisage Apollo 12 as a road movie: the audience as the crew, the bus as the rocket and the bus driver as the mission commander! Commissioned by the Las Cruces Space Festival in 2019, the resulting 16-minute film is brought to life by an original soundtrack composed by Andrew Knight-Hill in collaboration with trumpeter Bede Williams, member of The Wallace Collection.

Wednesday 29 July, 1300BST

Finale Concert

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YouTube Premiere 

Our Finale Concert will include pieces recorded especially by The Wallace Collection and Solstice Brass (including the world premiere of New Horizons by Matthew Rooke). If you have sent us a recording then you will be featured in those pieces, and we will also premiere the international collaborative improvisation Global Breath recorded by everyone during the camp.