Discovering Brass


What is Discovering Brass?

At the University of St Andrews Music Centre we believe music can transform lives and have a positive impact on anyone. StAMP provides opportunities that set children up with the potential to start a life-long journey in music. The heart of the project is ‘Discovering Brass’, an interdisciplinary programme that uses the natural trumpet to teach not only music, but also aspects of science, history, anthropology and modern language. Children will all be supported to continue their musical journey in their local brass band.

You can watch our concerts from last year via the Music from St Andrews YouTube channel. These are the StAMP Brass Camp Finale Concert and Under Stars and Satellites, both of which feature our first group of Discovering Brass participants. You can even watch a Discovering Brass lesson led by our wonderful tutor Tony George here:

Download our Discovering Brass Guide Book written by John Miller

Practice online with our musicianship teacher Claire