Discovering Brass film: Water, Wind and Sun


We are going to make a film that celebrates the creativity and musical development of our current Discovering Brass participants based on their thoughts and ideas about energy. The basis of the film is to answer the following question: What does energy sound like?  

With scientific help from the team at the Centre for Energy Ethics, we held a workshop in which we learnt about different types of energy and how energy has evolved in recent yearsYou can watch material from the energy workshop here. To see the full Zoom workshop email and we will send you the link.   

The film will be created by Discovering Brass participants with artist Tim Fitzpatrick and composer Pippa Murphy. If you want to see a similar film that we made during lockdown #2 last year, take a look at Ebb & Flow

 What do you need to do?  


  • Discuss with your child about their thoughts on energy and what it might sound like. Ask them to recap anything they saw on from the energy workshop (or watch it online if you didn’t attend, just email for the link).  
  • Ask your child to think about what energy might sound like. Experiment and practice the sound using the natural trumpet or found objects until you have created an energy sound that you like.  
  • If you are planning a film, think about the where you will take the film, what’s in the backdrop, or are you going outside? Where will you film it.  

TOP TIP: There are three components to the film, water, wind and sun. See if your sound links to, or relates to anyone of these three elements? REMEMBER: This is YOUR idea, there is no right or wrong answer to this question and it doesn’t matter if your sound is a general thought about energy.   


  • When you are happy with your idea, record a video or sound clip of it 
  • You can send in up to 3 different films of different ideas on the sound of energy   
  • Make each film or sound clip last between 30 seconds and 1 minute  
  • Record it using any file format on your phone/device  
  • For films, please ensure you are in portrait/landscape mode (hold your phone sideways)  
  • Please sae your file with a particular energy type followed by your child’s name e.g. Sun – Ellen Thomson, or Energy – Tony George   


When you have finished your film or recording/s, upload them to this folder on our website  

All films must be submitted by 11pm on 31 JANUARY 2022  

DISCLAIMER  By submitting a film or sound, you are consenting for your child to be a part of the final film and for their image and/or sound to be used by the University of St Andrews for the sole purposes of creating this film.  We may change or manipulate the sound or image to fit with final artistic product, and by submitting, you are consenting for the artists involved in the creation to change your film or sound clip accordingly. 

If you need any further information, help or advice with your film please do just get in touch with us.