Discovering Brass

Our award-winning project aims to support and invigorate the cultural heritage of brass playing. We strongly believe that music has the power to change lives and for the past two years have been bringing people together to learn and play brass instruments and connect through music.

Central to our project is the Discovering Brass teaching programme in which young people get to learn a ‘beginner’ trumpet (a natural trumpet) in the comfort of their own home or through selected primary schools. Discovering Brass is an interdisciplinary programme that uses the natural trumpet to teach not only music, but also aspects of science, history, anthropology and modern language. Since July 2020 we have taught around 260 children how to play the natural trumpet and over 50% of these are still playing brass instruments today. Watch an online a Discovering Brass lesson led by our wonderful tutor Tony George here:


You can watch previous Discovering Brass participants in our StAMP Brass concerts on the Music from St Andrews YouTube channel. These include the StAMP Brass Camp Finale Concert, Under Stars and Satellites, and Ebb & Flow.


Download our Discovering Brass Guide Book written by John Miller

Practice online with our musicianship teacher Claire