StAMP Virtual Conservatoire

The Virtual Conservatoire extends StAMP and the aims and principles that underpin it to brass players of all ages and stages from anywhere in the world. Our approach is inspired by the renaissance concept of conservatorio in which engagement with music was valued not only for the sake of musical development, but also for the way in which music helps us thrive.

For the launch of the Virtual Conservatoire on 8 November we were delighted to welcome:

  • Jazz educator Richard Michael who got everyone grooving and playing by ear. See and hear him teaching online with the rhythm section of Wynton Marsalis’ Band.
  • The Wallace Collection who shared their insights from their recent recording sessions of the brass septets of Prosper-Aginor Mimart, including discussions about the instruments used in the recordings and the challenges of playing music that hasn’t been played in over 120 years.
  • Sandy McGrattan and Stephanie Dyer, who gave an introduction to two of the most important brass instruments of the Renaissance: the ‘sackbut’ (trombone) and cornett.
  • A panel discussion about what playing ‘musically’ really is, what it means to ‘express yourself’, and how you can ‘serve the composers intentionsas well as have interpretive freedom when you perform
  • Sheona White who gave a virtual masterclass to selected tenor horn players.